My first Oracle position

The interview in the Pentagon went well on this snowy, January day in 1982. This position would be my fifth job in a little over four years. My secret clearance was little more than a building pass for the Pentagon. Top Secret and a compartmental clearance were in my future. The next six months wereRead moreRead more

Oracle RAC: Call me a Convert

Having worked with Oracle since their first version outside of the CIA gives me a different perspective on the product and features than most people hold. I met Larry Ellison twice in my life, but know him through documentation, media and a whole lot of hearsay, mostly, urban legend. My employer, Systems Development Corporation (SDC)Read moreRead more

Flash quit working. Finally!

We knew it was going to happen sometime, but, yesterday? No. The Flash requirement left the default Oracle Express console after 12c. I never used Express much since I always had the full-fledged OEM product. The old Express wasn’t much. The new Express is even less. Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) has become Oracle Enterprise ManagerRead moreRead more

Never Tune SQL Again

When using an Oracle database (11g to 19c) to execute SQL code the correct place to tune is in the Oracle instance. While it is advisable to write code to standards in any tool, it is still best to let Oracle decide the optimal path to the data. This kind of tuning cannot be doneRead moreRead more

Fail-over Database

This document describes the process to implement a standby database. It was written to bring the development team up to speed on the method being undertaken to provide database high-availability, and to describe the features and problems associated with such a configuration. The OracleAutomated Standby Database feature provides the ability to create and maintain aRead moreRead more

What does the “g” in Oracle10g mean?

Originally written in 2004 shortly after Oracle10g was released. Oracle would like you to jump into the grid and buy into all that it offers.  What is not clear immediately is the complexity of these systems, nor what they offer.  The central piece of the grid in this new version of database software is failed technology, reworked,Read moreRead more