Never Tune SQL Again

When using an Oracle database (11g to 19c) to execute SQL code the correct place to tune is in the Oracle instance. While it is advisable to write code to standards in any tool, it is still best to let Oracle decide the optimal path to the data. This kind of tuning cannot be done with tools that do not consider Oracle wait states. No Quest tools required. No Toad or other third-party tuning options.

Oracle is the database. Oracle includes the tools and facilities to tune itself.

Having worked with Oracle since 1982 for both the federal government and industry, I have generally accepted that documentation written belongs to the customer. It has been my policy not to provide documents as an example of my work. That said, I have sanitized two documents on the subject of tuning and will provide them as email attachments on request.

My approach to a tuning assignment includes writing a working document from day one to cover all specific information about a customer environment and the problems encountered. A second document evolves as the database is tuned and changes are solidified. These documents are very specific to the customer installation. Content is not predetermined. It is truly an analysis. You get the results.

If you would like my example documents please provide an email address. If you’d like to discuss them as well as your project details, let’s talk. I want to tune your database to tune all of your SQL code.

Keywords here for those requiring such service: Oracle Enterprise Edition RDBMS.

There are other prerequisites and caveats depending upon your environment. I’ve already used too many words for this audience, but if you’re that unique corporate identity, I’ve got more words.

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  1. While deploying pluggable databases to an Oracle 19c grid infrastructure environment, a container database, it proved very hard, if not impossible, to configure the Oracle memory model properly to allow this type of self-tuning to take place. There are so many possible configurations to consider…

    This is a pet topic of mine. I do have more to say 🙂 Thanks for reading . David

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