A year ago a Navy IT friend of mine came over so we could install Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) on an AWS (Amazon) instance. He had installed the Oracle 11g database on some hardware running Linux; but, Enterprise Manager was a separate download.

The last few times I had installed it, EM was included in the database zip files; but, it was not in the distribution we were using from Oracle Technical Network (OTN). I forget what we did that day; but, we did not get OEM installed.

Fast forward to about a month ago, my friend decided to give it another try. We were originally looking at 11g even though 12c was out there; but, now, we were both thinking 12c. I mean, come on, it’s been out for a while, we’re already on… that’s release 2 and version 4.

The OEM 12c downloads are only available in 64-bit. Finally! No more messing with 32-bit memory management and operating system extensions. 64-bit is “the” way to go.

Now, I am an AWS junkie. My buddy is, well, Navy IT. He’s more concerned with security and he’s one of those you cannot convince otherwise about the cloud. He purchased new, 64-bit hardware and will install 12c the old way.

I choose the 64-bit Windows download of OEM12c. This new software is designed to be installed with an Oracle Management Server (OMS) and includes an integrated version of WebLogic Server. The OMS target selected was an AWS instance of 11gR2 (

After five days and at least 25 attempted installations of 64-bit Windows OEM using a 64-bit WebLogic Server and an Oracle 11gR2 ( 64-bit database for the OMS, I have come to the conclusion that this software as delivered from OTN cannot be installed.

Without Oracle support, one cannot get the upgrades and patches to base versions available on OTN.

I took screen shots during these attempts and I will post some of them elsewhere; but, the last error led back to the OTN site and additional templates that needed to be downloaded and used… with the notation that is required.


Without My Oracle Support (MOS) one cannot obtain the upgrades and patches.

Back to the OTN site to confirm… yep! Can only get, here:



My client customer has Oracle support and I presume I will be able to obtain what I need; but, it is discouraging to finally figure out that using OTN supplied software, it cannot be done.

Oh, Oracle… nobody EVER said it was easy.

If you’d like more details on the various failures, see those details here.

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