This one will either be simple enough to resolve or become one of those glitches one learns to accept. “xclock” doesn’t hold a big place in my life. I have learned to love a good GUI; at least on my Oracle database. The management console, no matter what name Oracle gives it, for a while. plays an important part in any Oracle future. Third-party software in general must show me an advantage over the command line and scripts. The Oracle database is different, because the products got too complicated. The applications on those products, even more so. Oracle’s GUI was not usable for many years. The Forms and Reports GUIs, as well. In their early years one could still access the files behind the GUI and edit them manually three to five times quicker. Having been on both Oracle developer’s channels and that of the contracting company that did the first port of Oracle from a VAX to a 16-bit Data General platform, I learned the meanings of at least 50 different uses for the asterisk depending on the location and quantity.

In the case of third-party GUI interfaces for the Oracle RDBMS, the products on the market are too general for a wide-range of product versions with users having a similar range of knowledge or training. They gloss over some of the fine-points in the original product.

So, now that I’ve started this thread, let’s get to the issue at hand. The error message was

“Warning: Missing charsets in String to FontSet conversion”

Searching for just that gave plenty of background and discussion as to why this message appears. Apparently it is missing fonts for China, Japan and Korea.

We do not really care about all of that; but, we’ve established there’s not a quick and easy way to figure out exactly what font is missing. The problem exists under many circumstances, so the search criteria was not completely stated.

Append Xming to the previous search criteria and you will find plenty of pages with the exact solution.

The missing fonts are on the Windows laptop, missing from the Xming installation. Search again, this time for “xming fonts”, and pick a reliable download site. For me, this was The  current free version of Xming on SourceForge was There are several downloads listed. Download the one named “Xming-fonts”. The file physically downloaded was named “xming-fonts-7-5-0-70-setup”.

Run this setup as administrator. Restart the X server. “xclock” should now execute with no warning messages.

– David


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