Oracle frequently changes product names and feature sets. There are currently fourteen extra cost options and eight or nine management packs which are also extra cost. These options and management packs are only available with Enterprise Edition.

Database Options

Active Data Guard
Advanced Compression
Advanced Security
Advanced Analytics (12c only)
Data Mining (11g only)
Database Vault
In-Memory Database Cache
Label Security
Multitenant (12c only)
On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
RAC One Node
Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Real Application Testing
Spatial (11g), Spatial and Graph (12c)
Total Recall (11g only)

It appears that Advanced Analytics has replaced Data Mining. Multitenant database has been added and Total Recall has been removed. Total Recall may appear elsewhere… beat me to the new location ūüôā

Missing from both lists are Advanced Replication and Streams. One more mystery to resolve.

From a 12c price list we have found additional components labeled as options, and they are extra cost; but, they almost do not fit in the same category as those above, they look more like add-ins, or external products. I am making reference to no-SQL DB Enterprise Edition, Big Data Connectors and Oracle Airline Data Model.

Oracle has no shame in changing products, product names and components.  There was a list on the Oracle site as recently as this year which listed 38 extra cost options. It is gone today, and I cannot recreate it from memory.

We quoted the entry price for Enterprise Edition in another post: $231,800. Each of these options adds significantly to the total purchase price. That entry-level price may easily double, or triple, with a few options.

11g  Management Packs

Change Management Pack
Configuration Management Pack
Application Configuration Console
Data Masking Pack
Diagnostics Pack
Diagnostics Pack Enterprise Manager Repository Views
Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack
Tuning Pack

12c  Management Packs

Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database
Data Masking Pack for Oracle and Non-Oracle Databases
Database Lifecycle Management Pack for Oracle Database
Diagnostics Pack
Test Data Management Pack for Oracle and Non-Oracle Databases
Tuning Pack
Legacy: Change Management Pack for Oracle Database
Legacy: Configuration Management Pack for Oracle Database
Legacy: Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack for Oracle Database

As an Oracle DBA the diagnostics and tuning packs are “must have” components, either version. Without these packs, Enterprise Manager becomes a worthless tool. With them, it becomes the best GUI for your Oracle environments.

“Options for Oracle DB Engine” currently supported by AWS

Enterprise Manager Database Control
Application Express (APEX)
Native Network Encryption (feature of Oracle Advanced Security)
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) (feature of Oracle Advanced Security)

These “options” are not extra cost options. Enterprise Manager is no charge with any Oracle edition. The two encryption features are unusual in that they are normally a part of the Advanced Security option which is only available in Enterprise Edition. Statspack is an old Oracle tool which has been over-taken twice now. It was what we had once, not a very effective tool today.

Do not forget to review features by edition. Many Enterprise Edition features are not available outside of Enterprise Edition. No “option” required; but, not available in non-Enterprise Editions.

It gets complicated, and changes regularly.

– David

Reference Documents: Oracle¬ģ Database Licensing Information,¬†11g Release 2 (11.2):¬†Part Number E10594-08,¬†12c Release 1 (12.1): Part Number¬†E17614-09,¬†Amazon Relational Database Service:¬†User Guide (API Version 2013-09-09)


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