Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) is a web service which allows one to configure and use MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases which reside virtualized in the cloud.

For Oracle configurations, AWS uses two licensing models: 1) included and 2) bring your own.

Standard Edition One (SE1) is the only choice with the included model. Enterprise Edition (EE) customers must bring their own license, including support, according to Oracle’s published license policy.

Database licensing in an Authorized Cloud Environment is done using the processor-based metrics. The named user plus variation is not used here. This can be very misleading because there is a link on Amazon to an Oracle price list which includes named user plus prices. Just remember, not for virtual machines.

Four processor licenses are required for Oracle EE on a single instance of 8 virtual cores. The reduced number (from 8 to 4) is based on Oracle’s Intel processor metric.

One processor license is $47,500. Plus support at $10,450. Times four is $231,800.

That is the minimum Oracle EE license cost: $231,800. That does not include any of the 16 additional optional products or any of the six management packs. Many Oracle customers only buy EE for those options and packs.

Prices quoted where calculated using an Oracle Technology Global Price List dated April 18, 2013.

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