Oracle is a very expensive product. Over 230 thousand dollars to get started with Enterprise Edition (EE).

While I cannot confirm it today, the Oracle Store usually offers a discount of 10%. I no longer buy from there, so if someone can confirm, please do. Value Added Resellers (VARs) offer discounts based on their total sales to you. I have seen discounts as high as 40% with a usual 25 to 30% off.

I will be talking about Standard Edition (SE) and Standard Edition One (SE1) in another post, and go into some of the details as to when that is the best implementation. I will also be going into some of the extra cost options and discussing what can be done with them… and at what price.

One of my final Oracle Service Requests (SR) for a large, local firm, was requesting the name and phone number of their sales representative. It took Oracle two weeks to respond and when they did, it took three more phone calls to find the real answer.

It used to be that “everyone who works for Oracle works for sales”, now, it’s hard to find a salesman. But, it’s important that you do since they also have the ability to discount.

Anything that was ever once negotiable remains negotiable. Most of us wouldn’t buy a car without a discount. Don’t buy Oracle without one either!

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